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Monika Flang | Film Editing


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Why Film Editing?

I have 9+ years of experience in digital video editing using the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro (CC) and Final Cut Pro X.


I can edit your raw footage into a professionally finished video. I will communicate my suggestions and will let you review the final version before completion. My priority is to make sure the result is up to your expectations.


Contact me if you have any further questions and if you would like to receive a free quote. Since all the projects are different and some edits may be more complex than others, I always provide customised fees, but they may be subject to negotiation.

Customers from EU that are VAT registered: if you provide me with your VAT registration number and the full address details including postcode, I will not have to charge you VAT.


Customers from outside the EU: if you provide me with your full address details including postcode, I will not have to charge you VAT.


Film has always been my greatest passion. Since early childhood, the cinema was my favourite place. I was able to spend all my summers watching re-runs of old movies (so-called “cheap summer cinema”) and imagined making my own movies, filling notebooks with ideas and pretending to be a director. When I went to high school, my favourite part of it was film club. That was when I made the decision that I would make films one day. I fell in love with David Lynch, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Stanisław Bareja, Lars von Trier, Mike Leigh, J.J. Abrams, Ridley Scott. My “guilty pleasures” include good (and sometimes bad) horrors, science-fiction and coming-of-age films and series.


During my MA studies, I completed a specialisation in Film Studies which included: History of World Cinema, History of the Polish Cinema, Film Theory, Film Analysis, Film poetics, Script Workshops, Film Criticism, Modern film. Already during my studies, I was using simple video editing software to create music videos and subtitles for my favourite series. I watch a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of films and TV shows – old classics and newer ones – and like to observe how they are done. The good ones, things that I would love to work on, but the bad ones too, which helps to know what not to do.


I have been editing film interviews with some of the greatest thinkers of our times as a Senior Editorial Assistant for a project called Web of Stories, as well as short movies and small video projects as a freelancer. Film editing has become my strength and my passion. I believe it is an artistic process and requires both a technical proficiency in working with computers and the eye (and certainly the ear) of an artist. The final result reflects your decisions and compels the audience to see situations the way that you see them.


My recent work on a video recording of the life story of Walter Murch – the legend of film editing and the most respected film editor and sound designer in modern cinema – has inspired me to apply to ELO Film School in Helsinki to study Film Editing and Film Directing.


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